Registration Now Open


Saturday June 29, 2019

1-4pm (open house)

355 N 500 W


If you will be bringing items to swap, please register below.


1. Donate (or not)

All donations must be dropped off between 11am and 12:45pm on the day of the event. After this time, we will no longer be accepting donations.

2. Receive Credit

 If you wish to bring your items to donate, you will receive a $5 credit to be used at the Swap Meet regardless of the quantity or original price of your items donated. You will be given a ticket which will then be redeemed for credit upon checkout. Credits are not redeemable for cash.

3. Shop!

The event will be an open house where you may come and go as you please. Browse through our different sections of donations and choose what you'd like to buy! Credits will be applied at checkout if you chose to donate before the event. If you did not donate but would still like to shop, you are more than welcome!

4. All Proceeds go to Hello!Bulk Markets

The purpose of our Swap Meets is to not only hang out with like-minded zero wasters and thrifters in Utah, but to donate our proceeds to a sustainable and worthy cause. For this Summer Swap Meet, we have chosen to donate our proceeds to Hello!Bulk Markets (our lovely hosts)  so they can purchase a three-compartment sink. Hello!Bulk has been a great resource in Salt Lake for the last year and we would like to see them succeed and expand!

5. Post-Event Donations

 Following the event, all leftover items will be donated to a local women's shelter and Savers. If you have other suggestions for where to donate, please contact us at

6. Volunteer

We are always grateful for volunteers to help us run the Swap Meet. If would like to participate, please visit the volunteer page.

Help Our Cause

Our Summer Swap Meet is dedicated to helping


purchase a three-compartment sink.

We love sustainable, local companies and we want to see this one thrive!

Please donate what you can, every little bit helps!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Parking is EXTREMELY limited

Located in the Clubhouse behind Hello!Bulk Markets

Please carpool or take public transportation.

We are located near the North Temple Train Station.

If you do decide to drive, please park on 400 N or 500 N.

If stuck behind a train, please use the map below.

Our address:

355 W 500 N, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116, United States